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Concertmate 300
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Concertmate 300

The keyboard your Granny gave you when you were 5


Product Overview

Remember that annoying Tandy keyboard your Grandparents gave you when you were 5 years old. We found it in the attic, blasted the spider webs and dust off it and sampled it for you. Like all of our instruments, we truly tried to capture a quality analogue signal (of this decidedly digital toy) using only high-end equipment.

A Radial JDI directly to an Analogue Console and captured via a Pro Tools HD rig ensures the cleanest sound we could achieve. No post sampled processing here, just raw samples as we remember them from 1985.


  • 127 samples at 24bit 48kHz resolution
  • High Quality DI to analogue to Pro Tools HD signal path
  • Host tempo mapped drum loops, 120bpm
  • Requirements: This is a Kontakt instrument. You require the FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5 in order to use this instrument.
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