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Shepard Tone Generator
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Michael Bietenholz


Shepard Tone Generator

A Kontakt instrument for generating Shepard tones

Product Overview

A Shepard-tone generator. A Shepard tone (see, for those that don't know, is sort of aural barber pole, a tone that never stops rising, but never actually gets higher.

A Shepard tone was used on Smith & Selway's hit "Total Departure" and was also the sound of the Bat-Pod on "The Dark Knight". Reach for this when you need to give your tune that "eternally lifting" feeling of a musical low-g environment.

This Kontakt-based Shepard-tone generator is fully polyphonic - each key you play produces its own independent Shepard tone, so you can build up huge sound textures by playing thick chords. The mod-wheel controls the speed of rising or falling.

The dedicated Kontakt interface provides a host of other controls: a choice of three different waveforms (3-octave sine, pulse, or 6-octave sine), "up", "down" or both at the same time.

There are also attack and release controls for the envelope as well as controls for the amount of chorus and delay.

Achieve liftoff!

(Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher required) - NOT Kontakt Player

Customer Reviews

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Shepard Shephard

A poor man shepard device. You can go up, down, or up and down, but will notice the loop, so not an infinite shepards generator. OK, weighing this and the price, and knowing that similar devices are rare and pricey, it can go with three stars and more as a curiosity.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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