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Cinematic bowed and struck handsaws... creepy stuff!!


Product Overview

For the FULL Version of Kontakt (ONLY WORKS IN DEMO MODE IN KONTAKT PLAYER) A basic woodsaw, a small mitre back saw, an everyday hacksaw.... who knew what musical awesomeness these everyday tools held? We had a clue, but until we started using a cello bow on them and banging them with the likes of mallets, rattans, and sticks... these were just for sawing wood, metal, or girls in wooden boxes on stage in half. Welcome to the horror of our newest unEarthed release... The SAWmonium! Much more info and a video walkthrough can be found here:!saw-monium/cnrf SAWmonium brings you 10 very unique Kontakt patches which are, as usual, very cinematic in sound and geared towards the horrific, quirky, or even mysterious! We utilized a cello bow on the wood saw and hacksaw to create some very strange and unique FX sounds... some of which harken back to the odd FX from the Jerry Goldsmith scores of the 60s and 70s. The bow also helped us to create some very usable tonal staccs, really creepy growls, and one patch which is a definite nod to Zimmers' Joker motif from The Dark Knight. The bowed sustains patch is tuned and loops... it can have the sound of a gritty glass harmonica OR a melodic percussion instrument (when the attack is played with), overall it is very playable. Like AMP, this release has a very robust GUI which includes, pitch control, attack / delay control, EQ control, and 13 custom impulse responses select able right on on the GUI!


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in SAWmonium

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