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Rude Drums is a fresh take on drum and percussive hits for electronic or dance music of various styles including techno, tribal, hip hop, downtempo. More than 400 24 bit samples--some dirty, some clean, many weird or whimsical or odd. Booming kicks, noise derived snares, scratches, zips, pings, stutters, tearing and ripping noises. The samples were mostly created digitally using convolution, bit crushing, harmonic rotation, and much more-some came from analog sources like ARPs or Moogs, but then were modified digitally. The presets make use of Kontakts' filters, envelopes, lfos and effects. Rude Drums will work with Kontakt version 2 or higher, and has been tested on version 3. * 405 24 bit samples, 39 Presets * 205 megs (uncompressed) , 140 meg (zip download size)


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Rude Drums for Kontakt 33% OFF SALE

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