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Hand me down my walking cane, and y'all had better prepare yourself, because you never heard a sound like the Rubberbandbass. When I saw this short fat guy Stretch a band between his toes, hey, I laughed so hard, cause the man got down! Sure, some people play $3000 Alembics or double-basses worth more than their cars. But sometimes, you ain't got no cash and you just need to get down. That's when you turn to the Rubberbandbass, its the bass for everyone! This is a multi-sampled rubber band, a nice fat purple one if you care, for that rubbery bass-sound. As ever, extensive controls are provided. There is a choice of three different impulse-responses, including two custom acoustic-sounding woody soundboards and a Tweed amp along with a "Tone" control to adjust the midrange. A built in LFO, controlled by the modwheel can go from adding a bit of grrrmph buzz to a rubbery wobble. Two-octave pitchbend - hey, this thing is stretchy - and a choice monophonic modes with legato or full-time glide or polyphonic, and finally a built-in delay. (Thanks to, where user Alienistcog a.k.a. Chris Castiglione provided the extra twisty rubber-band noises, and Vincent Sermonne provided the brushed-drum track used on the demo, and to the Spinners for advertising copy)


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Rubberbandbass

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