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Widely used to develop deep and fat basses

Product Overview

30 years.... That's the age of the SH-09. It's unbelievable how a 30 year old machine can produce sounds that are far better than ALL virtual plugins around. You need a samplekit of it? You found it....

As this machine has been widely used to develop deep and fat basses this kit is focused on that instrument. The suboscillator and oscillator have been sampled individually for each waveform available and they're mixed together in the programs, just as they were mixed in the original machine. Also the modulations have been kept similar and the filter is there. One thing has been added: control.

Full, MIDI, automated control is now possible. You can use the suboscillators programs also to make your virtual synth sound more obese by layering them together. Try it! I've had TWO SH-09s for nearly 10 years now, and I must say this kit is the nearest thing to the real machine I've ever heard.

For a very small price you get a sound that no virtual instrument could ever match.

Sampled waveforms:

1 Oscillators + 1 Sub-Oscillator + 1 LFO, SQUARE, SAW, PWM, 50 .WAV files,

5 different programs with additional polyphonic presets courtesy of Kaneda for a total of 27 .NKI files in the Kontakt version!

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