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Roaring Stags
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Roaring Stags

Wild Stag Recordings

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Product Overview

After successful recording session with wild cranes, I’ve decided to hunt for wild stags. Recording them was not as simple as I thought it would be. This library contains 45 files recorded with Sound Devices 702, two Oktavas MK012 set in XY pattern, and Rode NTG3.

All files sounds different, because I was recording everything in the middle of the forest during different times of the day. Recording wild animals is not something you can plan, and I had to record whatever I could, no matter what was happening around. About 90% of the files were deleted, and this 65 minutes of audio is 10% I got left with.

In this sound library you’ll find reverberant sounds and ones that has less of the reverb. The distance between me and stags was changing, and that’s the reason of different amount of reverb. Also the animals were constantly moving, and sometimes they turned in completely opposite direction, so roars sounded more distant. Sometimes between roars you’ll hear subtle sounds of me moving close to microphones.

I left those sounds so anyone can make cuts in desired places, but those subtle sounds happens very rarely.

This library will be updated in the future with additional files recorded in different stereo techniques.


  • Format: WAV
  • Size: 2.15GB
  • Contents: 45 files
  • Sound list: Excel
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