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Revel Breezer 2013 Pro Edition

Revel Breezer 2013 Pro Edition

The sample library manager For Windows


Product Overview

Take the most from your sample library! Breezer is a complete and affordable sample library manager for Windows, which helps you to find and preview your audio files. It can build a catalogue of every sound in your system and search it instantly to find the samples you need when you need them. Browse and search your library locally or over a network. Enjoy the power of a multi-threaded, GPU accelerated engine with built-in support for the most common audio formats (AIFF, WAV, MP3) including Propellerheads REX 1/2 and FLAC. If you have thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of samples, then Breezer will become your best companion. Breezer 2013 is the audio sample library manager for Windows, for pro and enthusiast audio producers: - Flexible and fair per-user license. Just install and use it on any workstation you own. - Advanced file tagging tools/engine with hierarchical tag library. - Fast search engine able to search by word, words (even not in the right order), tags or both. - Experiment sample layering without leaving Breezer thanks to its four-track layered player. - GPU accelerated dpi independent and discoverable user interface. - Create custom loops and export them via drag'n'drop to your DAW or a folder. - Accessible price for Express edition. Take a look at our screenshot gallery: For any question or support request contact us at: Breezer Pro 2013 is available as a 20-days free trial at: Upon purchase you will be emailed an activation response by the developer. Please be patient while we arrange for this email to be sent.
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