80s Retrowave

60 artistically crafted Serum presets for synthwave productions

Product Overview

Retrowave contains 60 artistically crafted serum presets for synthwave production. Ready to be used in Synthpop, New Wave, Retrowave or to add 80s synth textures to any track. Inspired by Power Glove, Com Truise, Robert Parker and Mitch Murder. The sounds are for Synthwave, Retrowave, Future Electronica, Synthpop, Chillwave, Future RnB, and Pop genres. And of course you can use them in any other genres to add more 80s synth textures to your music.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in 80s Retrowave


This pack contains 60 presets for Xfer Serum:

Bass - 18

Lead - 12

Pad - 13

Key - 12

Pluck - 4

Requirements: Xfer Records Serum v.1.11b3+ or higher