Renault Master ii 2.8dTi - Sound Effects

Renault Master II 2.8dTi

88 Minutes Sound Effects Library

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Product Overview

Renault Master II vehicle sound library was recorded with two track Sound Devices 702 recorder. Foley was captured with mono Rode NTG3 microphone. Engine sound effects were recorded with two DPA-4061 omni microphones. Car was recorded during regular driving, accelerating, decelerating and more demanding way of driving with steady RPMs and RPM ramps. In addition to designed files, this library features RAW sounds pulled straight out of the recorder. In this 88 minutes long sound library you will find engine recorded onboard and outside, passby sounds, foley and engine recorded inside vehicles cabin in sync with microphones under the hood.


  • Format: WAV
  • Size: 3.62GB
  • Contents: 113 files
  • Sound list: Excel


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