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Reese Crunch
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Michael Bietenholz


Reese Crunch

A Crunchy Reese Machine


Product Overview

ReeseCrunch: a crunchy Reese machine, greasy like peanut-butter but cuts like a table-saw. Produces a reese-y bass sound, based on a triple sawtooth wave, so there is continuous movement as the three waves beat against each other. From there, there is an added layer of buzz which fades in an out randomly for extra movement, and then the whole thing is run through all kinds of further nonlinear nastiness.

The custom Kontakt interface has a host of controls to tailor the sound to your depraved needs.

There is a selectable "Attack" and a control for the sub-bass volume, the built-in filter, and the buzz volume, as well as built-in phaser and chorus effects, a choice of built-in delays, and of course the vital crunch (distortion) and selectable amp-simulator controls. You can also control the filter cutoff frequency using the mod-wheel to keep the sound moving, just like a proper reese. The soundcloud demo showcases only two of the myriad possibilities for tuning the sound.

(Compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher - NOT Kontakt Player)

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