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Razor Blades is collection of 62 ultra-high quality patches designed for Reaktor?s Razor Synth. These sounds were all carefully crafted by skilled producer and sound designer Kilomash, the same guy who brought you the best-selling ?CRANK? pack for Massive. Inside you will find nothing but brand new, cutting edge sounds geared towards producing all genres EDM. RAZOR BLADES contains 62 Patches including: + 29 Bass, Growls, Wobbles + 12 Lead Synths + 7 Special FX + 5 Risers + 5 Plucks + 4 Pads +All Drums from Demo included! What?s good Producers????? Kilomash here, back again with another preset pack that I am very proud to present. As I am sure like many of you, Native Instruments Massive is one of my go-to synths for producing any genre of EDM. Also, as like many of you, I am sick of hearing the same damn sounds in every song. Of course, I will always love the Scream Bass, the Flux Formant Lead, and yes even the Modern Talking (not really). But c?mon, it?s time we try and expand our musical pallet. So I decided to switch it up and design some really powerful patches for a synth that not to many people are familiar with. Razor is a powerful additive synthesizer, which constructs its sounds from an additive engine consisting of up to 320 partials. It has a safe bass feature, which automatically layers in a sub bass to any sound (awesome for high pitched lazers), and overall sounds much warmer and beefy than most Massive presets I have heard in my day.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Razor Blades

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