Post Zen Fusion
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Leap Into The Void

Post Zen Fusion

Seances, raster and patterns for u-he Bazille.

Product Overview

The idea behind Post Zen Fusion is a meditative journey of seances where delicacy and disturbance blend in a drone of meditation together with patterns, raster and suggestive textures, expressive synth sounds, picked, plucked, pads, bass and more. Suited for ambient music, drones, cinematic, electronic, minimal, midieval, seances, expressive, experimental and hybrid composing.

Post Zen Fusion There are a couple of artists I would like to mention. Nick Burtsch, Sheila Chandra and Carsten Nicolai, who all somewhat have had an influence on the making of this soundset. Thank you all three.

The post part is my humble attempt and belief to try push sound design forward, towards yet unheard of sounds and emotions with inspiration from imo inventive composers like Carsten Nicolai.

The zen part come from the meditative state of drones, be it filled with dirt or not, and, Nick Burtsch whose music is sometimes referred to as Zen Funk.

Polyrhythms as meditation. Seances with patterns. Atmospheres with Sheila. Fusion: The merging of different elements into a union. In Physics fusion is a nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy.


  • 110 tempo-synced patterns, atmospheres, drones, synth sounds, pads and more..
  • Instant morphing and coloring using modwheel and expression.
  • Patchlist with descriptions of each preset and the assignments.
  • Bazille 1.0 required.
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