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Based on the same samples of our best selling organ library Italian Concert Organ, sampled at 48KHz 24-bit with the superb compression at only 247MB, offering 16 ready-to-use of the most typical organ sounds chosen for us by expert Italian organ players and with an extremely user friendly GUI, Pipe Festival 2 EASILY BECOME THE BEST PIPE ORGAN FOR KONTAKT IN THIS PRICE RANGE. It's the evolution of the previous Pipe Festival library for different aspects. Both offer an Italian organ sound, but Pipe Festival 2 offers the best realism, not only for the sample quality, but also for the environment simulation, the stereo field and the tiny size, typical of all the new Hephaestus Sounds libraries. Pipe Festival 2 basically has been developed for all the users who don't know the pipe organ or how to play it at the best, especially with a common MIDI keyboard. So, here you have a ready-to-use sound switchable by dedicated key-switches. Do you think Italian Concert Organ is too difficult? Don't worry. Pipe Festival 2 solves your problem. Do you like Italian Concert Organ sound but you cannot afford it? Don't worry. Pipe Festival 2 has obviously less functions and sounds, but it offers the same sound quality of Italian Concert Organ. FEATURES: * 48KHz 24-bit Stereo sample resolution; * Samples from our top organ library Italian Concert Organ; * 16 ready-to-play and typically used organ sounds chosen with the great help of some talented Italian organ players; * Player/Spectator button. Do you like listen to the organ from the player position or from the church pews? * Theatre/Cathedral reverb button. Just switches between 2 different high quality IR samples; * Modulation controller adjusts the volume (MIDI CC 1); * Support for expression pedal (MIDI CC 11); * For live playing, a 61-keys-keyboard (or bigger) is suggested; 76 and 88 keys are probably the best solutions; * Compressed total library size: only 247MB. I think it's small enough; * Works on Kontakt v5.2.1 or newer (it works for 15 minutes only on Kontakt Player!). SOUND LIST: 1. Flutes 8' 2. Principal 8' & 4' 3. Prinz & Flutes 4. Soft Reeds 5. Strong Reeds 6. Funds 8' 7. Funds All 8. Reeds & Pedal 9. Exp. All 10. Grand Jeu 11. Plein Jeu 12. I + III + Ped. 13. Fonds et Anches 14. Organo Pleno 15. Great All 16. Tutti
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