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Impromptu Piano Loops and Tools 25% off

Spontaneously created loops, perfect for a wide range of genres (+MIDI files and processed samples)


Product Overview

This collection is a window into my creative process, and I am providing them royalty free. I performed several loops, all of which were thought up on the spot. The final take was on either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd try, generally (at times they requires more attempts). I wanted to capture a spontaneous and unique quality. So the ideas themselves were all impromptu. This is generally how I write anyway. I did not use quantasizing and did not draw the midi notes to create these performances. There are 17 instrument presets based on 9 Multi sampled piano and music box phrases (189 samples). I sampled the phrases across at least 12 halftones, and mapped them to Kontakt. Therefore, you can play the loops in various keys. I also created some snapshots for a number of the instruments. There is also a folder of non instrument related samples. These are either additional piano loops, or heavily processed samples based on those loops. The processed loops will have a word in parenthesis giving a sort of nickname to the sound (I guess the feeling or idea that encapsulates the sound in my mind). There are a total of 97 of these additional, non Kontakt Instrument related samples. They are generally more syncopated (especially the processed samples) and range from dance like synth sounds, to crazy, bizarre machine like sounds. There are also 15 MIDI files (all based on the performances which I included in the sample collection). So you can tweak and transpose these MIDI files to your heart's content. Summary of Content 15 Midi Files 17 Kontakt Instruments 97 additional samples (not related to the Kontakt Instruments), about 510MB uncompressed There are a total of 998MB of samples, uncompressed (16bit 44100Hz), including the Kontakt Instrument samples. I used the Orion Sound Module, with permission from Pierre Parenteau. Though, please note, he did not endorse my tool pack: For the Kontakt Instrument, the Photosynthesis engine from Jeremiah Pena was used:


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