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Tuki Guitarman

Pastoral Synth Collection

Classic synths from the 80's and 90's

Product Overview

A set of multisampled EMU soundfont format instruments for inspirational ideas, some of these 40 instruments are made from samples of hardware synths that I own like the Yamaha YS200, the ubiquitous Korg Trinity, Kurzweil - K2500R and Yamaha PSS380

Also includes soundscapes I made from real world sounds such as my guitars, basses, ethnic strings and room full of effects racks and stomp boxes, enjoy...

Samplers like Kontakt and Logic EXS can open these files and the free SFZ Vsti can import this format too.

Customer Reviews

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A Mess of SFs with a Couple of Useful Things

OK, I bought it for £1.10, and it's worth the discounted, but not the full price.First of all, it's a mess and the quality isn't always acceptable. In general the samples coming from hardware synths are better than those the dev pretends are coming from real intruments. Still some useful stuff if you have time going through the mess.Hopefully, the dev will split the collection in several libraries and dedicate more time to each of them. In that way we'd perhaps find some more interesting and valued libraries here.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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