Paradox Lost For Kontakt 25% off

Bizarre and Otherworldly Soundscapes and Drones Utilizing Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis Engine

Product Overview

A culmination of 10 years of experimentation and exploration. Using live recordings and layered synthesis, this is a truly unique set of Kontakt patches . Perfect for cinema, drone, trance and more. There are many patches especially useful in horror and science fiction. You will not hear samples like these anywhere. Please keep in my that originality and uniqueness were the main goals. Many of the samples were derived from old recordings which had to be restored using restoration plugins. There is a certain, unmatched character about it. There are 47 total patches, with 47 total samples. Samples vary from 0:03 to 2:13 in length. ::::::UPDATE::::::: ======================================================= With the update, each sample was mapped to Kontakt using Jeremiah Pena's brilliant Photosynthesis Engine. The samples were not simply dropped in, but tuned to map the appropriate notes in the traditional western, equally tempered tuning. Therefore, if you play a "C" note on the keyboard, the overall pitch characteristics of the Kontankt instrument will be a "C". This will make it easier for you to incorporate the sounds into your own compositions! However, due to the underlying nature of some of the samples (evolving textures, harmonic movement and layering), achieving this to perfection on all samples was quite difficult or impossible. IMPORTANT!!! You will need the full version of Kontakt (version or newer) to play the library without restriction. ========================================================= Here is a sample of some of the sounds Here is a track I made using one of the samples (Frozen Spark): Stay tuned for more libraries!


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