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Padsheaven for Zebra

"Absolutely stunning pads"

Product Overview

An ultimate collection of useful, lyrical and dramatic pads, effects and soundscapes.

  • 96 expressive, evolving, moving synth pads, both uplifting, light and airy as well as warm, deep, dramatic mysterious and icy
  • 32 carefully selected Keys, Leads, Plucked instruments, Drums & Basses.
  • Midi/Cubase Cpr files PadsHeaven provide lots of emotional inspiration for film and ambient composers, keyboardists

The expression of the patches was highly optimized through common controllers such as Velocity (vel), Aftertouch (At), PitchBend (Pb) and Modwheel (Mw). The controllers will significantly change the sound in many cases, so you can get a totally different sound or character. I highly encourage everyone to play around with all of the assigned controls to find out what's hidden under the hood.

For this reason please open the Patch Information for valuable info about the controllers, playability and usage. (Clicking "i" located top-right side of Zebra's GUI.)

System requirements:

  • u-he Zebra 2.5.2 or higher
  • host program (DAW) with VST or AU, RTAS support

Rekkerd review:

"Zebra has a gigantic vault of free patches available to its users. Right now I count over 125 banks listed, many of which feature high quality sounds. A commercial soundset like Padsheaven really has to have to something special to offer. And it does.

Padsheaven includes some absolutely stunning pads, in a wide variety of colors. Soft and warm, ambient, glass like, strings, and lots more. Joseph displays his sound design skills by creating incredibly emotional, moving sounds, with lots of expression.

While the focus of this soundset is on the pads, the other sounds are certainly no filler. There is a bit of an 80s vibe throughout the set, and some references to artists and synthesizers of that decade are in the patch titles (e.g. the Roland D-50, Prophet VS, Oberheim OB-X).

A lot of work went into creating these patches, and I would recommend you check under the hood to see how they were made, as Padsheaven is also a lesson in sound design in Zebra. In short, Padsheaven is an outstanding soundset.

There is so much detail in the sounds, it just makes me want to sit still, listen closely, and let the sounds sink in. Truly exceptional."

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