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Michael Bietenholz



The Subtonic Monks in the cathedral caves of Cerulean 4

Product Overview

The sound of the subtonic monks in the cathedral caves of Cerulean 4 (well that's my theory anyway). For Kontakt.

This is a vocal patch comprising a number of different samples. The goal is not an ultimately realistic patch, but rather one that is playable and expressive, hence there is fairly deep programming. The main samples are long, so the notes evolve as long as the key is held down. There is also seamless looping for extra sustain.

The patch responds to velocity, key-pressure (vibrato) and the mod-wheel (formant filter) in addition to having some dedicated controls in the custom Kontakt script.

No two notes are identical due to subtle random variations in the sounds and different attack samples triggered in a "round robin" fashion. All topped off with a choice of two great convolution reverbs, ice-cave or hall.

(Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher required)

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Evolving Vocal Drones

Nice evolving vocal drones with good velocity response and almost seamless looping. A very niche, light and ridiculously inexpensive library that can surely be useful if you like experimenting with dark atmospheres.

Pedro Kerstitzsch

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