Out of Nightmares

A collection of unique samples taken from an up and coming Divergent Audio Group release


Product Overview

The majority of these sounds were created from playing around with a soon to be released Divergent Audio Group instrument. However, 6 of the sounds were taken from the 800+ sample pool which will be included in the full release. With the exception of those 6 samples, these samples will not be available anywhere else. They range from nightmarish, strange, dark, to nostalgic and peaceful. All samples are 60 seconds in length, with most of them featuring a constantly evolving character. I built 33 Kontakt patches based on the samples, with an additional 25 which are Round Robin versions of the 25 samples not included in the future release. Since they are 60 seconds in length, I created a loop point at unique 20 second segments for each sample. Therefore, every note for the RR version patch will have essentially 3 Round Robins (not multi sampled, however). This will at least give the ability to have more nuance in the sound. For the 6 samples taken from the future release I created 4 unique start points and loops (15 second segments). This essentially creates 4 Round Robins which again, allows for more nuance from the instrument. The WAV files are also included so that you can use them in other samplers or drop them into your DAW. Content breakdown: 31 Samples (each 60 seconds in length) 312MB uncompressed WAV (44.1Khz 16 bit samples) 213MB NCW files (these are just the same WAV files compressed with Kontakt) 58 Patches (photosynthesis by Jeremiah Pena was used) Samples taken from future commercial release: A7_HammerOns AM7_HammerOns Atonal_Orchestral_Drone B_Changing_Lead Cm6_HammerOns E_Harmonic_Nostalgia (All of these samples were recorded by bowing a violin or other stringed instruments) Link to Jermiah Pena photosynthesis engine. *** PLEASE NOTE: You will need to own a license of Kontakt, version or later. In the free Kontakt player it will only play in demo mode. *** ======================================= Here is a brief description of the upcoming release: It will contain 8GB (800+ 60 second samples) of sounds and is designed to create infinite modulated dark ambient soundscapes. There will be 4 sound source slots, an inbuilt browser, and 4 sequencers. All content is original and built specifically for the instrument. The unique feature is that it is designed to emulate an infinite tape playback machine in that you simply press play (rather than playing notes) and then create the movement by modulating and automating parameters as it plays. This gives incredibly unique evolving sounds that never stop! The sounds have been designed by myself, with Lindon Parker designing the engine and Glyn Lloyd designing the GUI. Please stay tuned!


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Out of Nightmares

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