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Multiton Bits presents: Organic Electronix Box - Single Hits and REX instruments edition (Single Hits, Chords & Stabs + REX Instruments edition - features drums, percussion, bass, strings, synths samples and more) Content: 123 single hits, 11 REX2 instruments, cover and read me file. Genre: electronic, ambient, deep techno, house, experimental electronica Bpm: 115 Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz Size: 104 MB ?Organic Electronix Box? explores a fine line between acoustic and electronic instruments. What we did is that we sampled mostly analog hardware, used outboard filters, delays and other FX, and mashed them all together occasionally with hope to give you inspirational sound sources. This pack is aimed at producers working with almost any form of electronic music and like to experiment with their sound. Various tools were used as a source for this pack, from analogue to digital, from percussive to melodic, from Moog synth and MFB machines to software modules, and all of the sounds were treated and designed on the sound to sound base, sometimes also sent to outboard sampler for additional FX processing and recorded through HQ preamps. Sounds were only slightly compressed, so you can use them as they are in your production or process them more if required. Box content is designed from the scratch, we did not use any actual acoustic instruments samples, all sounds are electronic, no matter how ?acoustic? they sound and that is why we thought that this name is appropriate for our latest sample collection. Most sounds here are very rich and complex, so when combining just a few of them it is easy to find a groove to build on. Play it, cut it, twist it and enjoy the pack.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Organic Electronix Box - Single Hits and REX Inst.

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