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Michael Bietenholz



Spaceship noise and pad

Product Overview

Here's the sound of the USCSS spaceship Nostromo, an M-class commercial mining starfreighter.

This Kontakt instrument has a multi-layered spacey, analogy pad, to build your space-opera melodies with, combined with a selection of the grimy, clanky sounds of the spaceship itself: rumbles, HVAC systems, coolant pumps, and clanks echoing through the long metal corridors.

Several Kontakt NKIs are included: you can have the pad and the spaceship noises as separate instruments, or mapped out for either a 88-key or a 61-key (5-ocatve) keyboard. The spaceship noises are on the lowest 11 notes and the pad above that.

Special programming allows some of the spaceship noises to latch - you hit the key once and the spaceship rumble starts, and doesn't stop till you hit the same key again, or untill you hit the lowest key, which kills all the drone voices at once.

The custom interface provides volume controls for the various spaceship noises, a control for the latching behavior, and controls for the built-in chorus, reverb and delay effects.

(Compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher) - NOT Kontakt Player

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A small, but high quality synth soundset that can have a cool effect on the background of a track or be used as its own lead or pad instrument.


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