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Native Flute
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Audio Genetics Lab

Native Flute

World Flute Effects and Mutations


Product Overview

Audio Genetics Lab releases Native Flute, a sample library for Kontakt 3.5+ with two distinct sides: expressive, raw, and totally dry high-resolution ethnic flute effects, as well as a collection of textures, pads, and mutation patches derived from these flute sounds.

Over 30 Kontakt 3.5 patches and more than 400MB of samples are bundled together. The raw 96k/24bit wavs are easily accessible in the samples folder for further manipulation by advanced users.

 Features: Flute effects recorded in stereo at 96kHz/24-bit. 440MB uncompressed. All original samples recorded completely dry with no reverb or FX. All mutations derived entirely from acoustic flute source material.

Full Patch List:

  • Main raw sounds and effects. All FluteFX Key-switched. All FluteFX Single notes. Boomerangs. Decelerators. Falls. Fp-Crescendo. Overblow Repetitions. Neutral Phrases. Pleasant Phrases. Wild Phrases. Repetition Swells. Trilling Swells. Flute sus (useful for finishing out FX phrases). Flute sus w/ release samples. Flute sus w/ programmed vibrato (mod-wheel). Mutation sounds- BitZipper (lo-fi digital effects). Crystaline (warm, glassy pad). Electro Shaman Drums (processed electronic percussion). Florgan Nimble (Carousel-like, light pipe organ). Florgan Sus (Organ-like with a slow attack). Grooverfluter (Distorted funkiness). Heaven Pad (beautiful choir-like pad). Ineffable 1 (ambiguously tonal texture). Ineffable 1 sus (looping version of Ineffable
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