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Music Box
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Music Box

Ethereal and simple music box (Kontakt and WAV)


Product Overview

A small hand-crank music box, with each pitch sampled and spread across the full keyboard for maximum playability.

The music box was recorded sitting on an open snare drum, giving more body through the resonance of the drum. The Patch: Full range -The music box is spread across multiple octaves, giving extreme bass and high key options. Low/High Balance - The original 96k samples were pitched down to create a lower octave set of tones for a clear low end option.

You can control the balance between low and high tones with the user interface. Mod Wheel for octave blend - Use the mod wheel to select the high, low, or both octaves. Allows for quick changes of timbre.

The balance knobs further shape the sound when using both octaves. Pure/Rough Balance - an included convolution impulse response (preloaded in the patch) gives an option for a sharper edge to the tone. Great for darker uses or tension, and easily adjustable from the user interface.

For a pure sound, just keep Pure at 100%


  • AGL Music Box.nki (The master Kontakt 4 patch. 48kHz edited samples)
  • The raw 24bit/96k WAV files (Use with your own sampler or mangle freely!)

***NOTE: the Kontakt patch REQUIRES the full retail version of Kontakt 4 or newer. This patch is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player***

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