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Library for Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher! !MAJOR UPDATE OUT NOW! Because this is my first commercial library, I decided to sell it for a low price. Let me say that some other libraries are airing within the next time. From Epic Drums to restored instruments and many, many other sounddesign stuff. This library is in fact based on just TWO string samples from my keyboard. I edited them hardly to create new sounds, which you hear in the pads-patch. The Update has now more Patches and almost fifty Pad Samples. The new Samples are more textural and glitchy, but there are also some harmonic pads(Bonus_Pad XII - Bonus_Pad XV). Have fun with this update! The library has six patches: -String patch: as it suggests features strings. You got control over reverb. Sordino and a virtual panning. -Pad Patch: contains 47 different Pad sounds from warm and gentle up to distorted and dissonant. You have a phaser and a reverb as well. -Filter-Pad Patch: Similar to the regular Pad patch, but instead of a phaser you got a filter and the cutoff is controlled by a lfo. -Air Pad Patch: Another Pad Patch. Here it is possible to load different "Spaces" to shape the pad samples, what is in fact a convolution reverb. -Plucks Patch: You can create short sounding plucks, that doesnt mean, you cant make longer sounding leads. This is possible through ADSR Envelope changes. -Texture Patch: Here you got the possibility to create own glitchy rhythms by changing the speed of the lfos and in addition you can add a reverb to it. The pads and the texture patches have mapped a lowpass filter to CC1. All in all is this instrument a cool addition to your palette of sounds. 140 mb size in 48/96khz,24bit after lossless ncw compression from 234mb of rough Data. Ps: Audio Demos are dry Demos featuring only sounds from this library. :)


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