Dual-Layer Morphing for K5

Product Overview

Morphzilla is a dual layer morphing tool for Kontakt 5 with a wide range of sounds including monstrous textured drones, evolving pads, ghostly atmospheres, impacts to complex, microscopic sound design elements. V 1.5* ?User Sample groups for you to add your own samples (WAV or AIFF) ?Independent tune function for both layers ?Looped samples (mainly drones and pads and some rhythmical glitch patches are now looped) smaller hits and impacts are left as they were. ?Next/Previous buttons to quickly scroll through the samples for each layer ?The samples are now uncompressed wavs instead of the original Kontakt ncw files, so you can import them into your DAW without having to spend time converting them. Combine, twist, sculpt and morph to stretch the possibilities of this unique library and create your own sonic patches. Includes dusty pads, nasty impacts to beautiful textured soundscapes and more. But this is just the start ? edit the sample start of each sound, reverse and morph the samples in each menu independently, then combine and crossfade these using the modulation wheel. One patch and 2 sample menus holding 302 unique, organically cultivated and beautifully sculptured sounds. Although these samples will sound great out of the box, there aren?t really any preset patches in here ? It?s ready and waiting for you to delve in to the simple user interface and create unique instrument patches for each project. This will sound like no other sample library you own ? morphing between music and sound design, it?s dark, twisted and nasty but also uniquely beautiful too. If you want to add something a little bit special to your tracks, then this library is for you. Some of the raw sounds which have been processed and feature in Morphzilla include ? Flames, ice, fans, clicks and bleeps, microscopic glitches, circuits, switches, crickets, vocals, guitars, engines, field recordings, found sounds and loads more.. These have been carefully sculptured into monstrous textured drones, evolving pads, ghostly atmospheres, impacts to delicate sound design elements. Each sample layer can be edited further by using the Morph wheel to combine and crossfade between the 2 layers. This can be controlled using the mod wheel or the mouse. ADSR, Sample start, Reverse, Pan, Bitcrush, Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope & separate Filter and Amp envelopes for each layer. > Custom Kontakt Script > 1 NKI file / sound selection via inbuilt menus > 302 ncw files (Kontakt compressed wav files) > 1.65GB downloaded > 44.1Khz / 24Bit wav > Kontakt and wav > Kontakt 5.3.1 (Full Version) will work in time limited demo mode in the free Kontakt player) > 32 and 64-bit compatible on MAC and PC > At least 2 GB of RAM recommended * This is a FREE update for all previous owners ? Please check your email for your download code


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Morphzilla

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