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The Moog Rogue is one of the last fully analog synths made in 1984 before they all went DCO. Often known as one of the fattest/juiciest synths in town, it is now possible to play this mono synth in full polyphonic!!! Patch List: All in 96kz/24bit!!!!! -Saw (RR X4) -Square RR X4) -Noise (Stereo RR X4) Also, two bonus patches with each saw and square in duel mode (not in sync)! I personally use these patches daily due to the sheer quality and now portability/ease with EXS24. This library is also great to open up the wavforms if you are trying to mimic analog synths using plug in synths because you can see how awesome the real thing is and that you will never get close to it digitally! haha EXS24 files also can open in Kontakt, Mainstage, Halion, Structure free, Mach Five and Ableton! Have fun with this one! The demo features everything from the library with an added Linndrum and a bit of reverb/delay.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Moog Rogue

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