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Mondo Linn
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Michael Bietenholz


Mondo Linn

Linn drum-machine sampleset bit-crushed by Kontakt


Product Overview

This started off as a sampleset of the classic Linn drum-machine.

If you had $4995 in 1980, you could have got one of these! But: you don't come to me for a straight up Linn sampleset - grab your mod-wheel and pitchbend, and the full Kontakt effects chain gets medieval on your ass, and we go off into a mondo bit-crushed, convoluted garbled sound.

Imagine a one-eyed madman, living since the early 1980ies inside a missile silo with only a Linn LM1, a jerrycan of LSD and a speaker with a ripped cone.

The original Linn LM1 was used by pretty much everyone - Falco (der Kommissar), Gary Numan (Dance), Michael Jackson (Thriller) .... So you can have that sound or you can descend into the maelstrom! Kontakt interface has controls for bypassing the individual effects, as well as for reverb and delay levels.

FULL Kontakt only please.

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