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Mighty Eighties Extreme Snaredrums
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Mighty Eighties Extreme Snaredrums

The famous hard-snares


Product Overview

The famous hard-snares that fulfilled the headroom of pop-electro hit recordings for two decades now in your sampler!

Some historical research was needed to figure out which machines and effects were used and how those extreme drums were made. All the samples are recorded in an analog environment using the sound of old drum machines like Alesis SR-16, Alesis DM5, Linndrum, Casio RZ1 and processed with individual settings through reverb units, Roland GP8, AKAI S900... Old gear and old style sounds for modern music because all samples have been cut, normalized and DENOISED. Crisp, loud, punchy, "in ya face" and analog: what more could you want from an awesome snaredrum?

Add a little bit more reverb to blend, maybe a gentle compression to level and you are ready to hole your mix! Suitable for musicians involved in the composition of styles like: Electro '80s revival Jingles for radio stations EBM/Industrial Techno/Trance Hardstyle/Hardcore Synthpop/Futurepop New Wave Rave Hip-Hop ...and whatever your creativity tells you...

43 diverse hits - Patches for Kontakt 3, Battery, EXS24 and WAVs.

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