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The exact name of this instrument is unknown. It uses a French horn mouthpiece and the range is a little lower than a trumpet and a little higher than a trombone. I resynthesized single notes to create multi-samples. The resulting tone are still very brassy and close to the natural one. This library is not meant to perfectly emulate the real instrument. It's a simple library without velocity layers or alternate samples but it is great for adding a horn flavor and also providing a wider range of uses. The sounds range from smooth and mellow to hard hitting and growling. The complete version has 41 instruments, 6 combis and 13 multis. Most of the natural instruments are multi-sampled except three. Also except for three instruments, the samples are not looped. It is for the full version of Kontakt 4 (and better), not the Kontakt Player. The soundfont version is also included. It has exactly the same samples as the Kontakt 4 version but without the combis, multis and processing that K4 offers. The demo video features sounds specific to the Kontakt 4 version that are not in the soundfont version even if both use all the same samples. The soundfont can be used in any soundfont player but it is also particularly good for use in iOS apps like Gestrument and the Bismark bs-16i. The free preview does not countain a preview soundfont. More info can be found in the PDF of the complete version that is included in it. Visit this page for more info and more audio examples:
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