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Michael Bietenholz



A vacuum-tube marimba played with light sabres

Product Overview

The Max7imba: Its somewhere between a Marimba, a Kalimba and a DX-7. Listen to the demo - its like a vacuum-tube marimba played with light-sabres. A metallic sort of percussive sound, but after the percussive hit, some drone voices come in and hang about for a bit, embedding the percussive main sound in a ghostly haze.

This sample-set is based on an original DX-7 patch and the main samples have that non-linear DX-7 sound, sampled, of course, at multiple velocities.

The mod-wheel brings in the drone voices. The drone voices are held for some time after you play the notes, so when you play a flurry of percussive notes, you are left with a long wash of drones.

The custom interface has control for the length of the hold time. The drone voices have controllable vibrato. There is also a controllable attack sound (with round-robin alternate samples). A built in reverb and delay and an autophasing effect that adds subtle motion to your playing are all controllable from the custom interface.

Compatible with Kontatk 2.2.4 or higher - NOT Kontakt Player

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