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Lovely Mitty

The most perplexing, rare, and mysterious toy keyboard on the planet?


Product Overview

The perfect toy for the collector of all things rare. Right out of the box, this thing is an enigma. There is no on/off switch; you can only press the white keys (however, it's tuned so awfully that you end up playing what would be black keys); there is no velocity sensitivity (and it's so loud!!!). All I know is that it was made in Taiwan. I cannot find any other information about this thing, anywhere! I'm not even sure if it's really called "Lovely Mitty," but that's the sticker with which it came (at the consignment shop). Based on the fact that the speaker and the sticker are about the same size and same shape, I'm guessing that this is how it was manufactured (as pictured). Now, down the the nitty gritty. There was a lot of work involved in getting the tuning as close as possible to any semblance of proper tuning. Once tuned, it actually does seem to have a warm tone, suitable for chip tune style music, but others as well. With the staccato presets, I used some tricks with the microphones to create a sense of velocity layers, and created 4 total velocity layers. I still included the original tuning ("natural tuning") for your fun and pleasure. There were also some effects created by only pressing the notes slightly (right at the threshold of making a noise). The photosynthesis engine by Jeremiah Pena was also used to put the samples through some effects. You can find that here: CONTENT: There is 99.3 MB of sample content uncompressed. 27 Kontakt Patches. PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves. The free demo does not require the Photosynthesis engine (if you load as "Skip Missing"), however, if you want to tweak the preset with the photosynthesis engine, you will need to have the engine somewhere on your system and resolve missing (through folder search) The 1.99GBP price is the permanent, low price! Also, I'm not really sure how rare this thing is. I simply cannot find any information on it.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Lovely Mitty

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