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Few months ago, Sanches got his hands into his friend?s 200A Wurlitzer to record some lines for his psychedelic rock project. That Wurly sounded so raw and full of character and soul to his ears that he decided to keep some samples for him. He used two sets of gear to record these samples: The first was pretty lo-fi-ish and gritty; the second was more of a warm and semi-clean recording. Having these samples recorded, he decided to create new libraries and, keeping in mind the fact that there are some guys around with older computers, he created LITE versions of the standard libraries that requires less memory and cpu usage. Lo-Fi Wurly features: 1 Kontakt instrument 4 Velocity layers A custom GUI with 4 effects (distortion, phaser, delay, and convolution reverb) 550 MB of 44.1kHz/16 bit .wav format samples All recorded on an old cassette tape recorder A set of 17 custom impulse responses Custom vibrato script controlled via Mod-wheel


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