Tibetian Hand Cymbals

Product Overview

Hello.. Here we present you another type of Tibetian Hand Cymbals from our collection named * Large TINGSHA Gold *. Tingshas have long been used for ritual purposes by Buddhist monks, yogis and yoginis. Today they are used in meditation, cleansing, healing and alignment. When the two cymbal-shaped metal disks are struck together, each produces a ringing sound of very slightly differing pitch. The combined effect gives rise to the unique 'shimmering' quality to the sound. Outside Tibetan Buddhism, shamanic use of tingshas also includes clearing space of negative energies and healing or balancing auric fields or to make an offering. They are also used to define the beginning and the end of a period of meditation. We are convinced that frequencies of sound from Tingshas and similar hi-pitched healing instrument, when they are used for healing purposes. give us what our inner bodies need to establish the harmony for our better living. More info about the Sonoquilibrium?s Overtone, Vibrational & Healing Sounds ..


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in LARGE TINGSHA GOLD

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