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Michael Bietenholz



Morphable KPR77 drum-machine for Kontakt


Product Overview

KPR77 - what the bleep is a KPR77? It was Korg's answer to the TR808.

We've all heard lots of 808's - the KPR77 is for when you want that analogue drum machine sound but want something different!

Tight analogue drum sounds, a little rawer and nastier than the 808. But its more than just a KPR77 sampleset: this Kontakt instrument samples each of the sounds of the KPR77 and then uses the Kontakt time-machine to let you stretch out the sounds using the mod-wheel. As there is even more: an analogue bass, which is made from the KPR77 kick sound, that you can use to add a bass-line under your beats.

Also included - a built-in convolution reverb with a custom impulse of a spring reverb, sampled direct from a Roland Space Echo, but as always there's a little extra from the original: its in stereo. The custom Kontakt interface has knobs for volume and pan for the most important sounds, as well as for the level of the spring reverb. All sounds on the Soundcloud demo are from this Kontakt instrument only!

(Compatible with Kontakt 2.2.4 or higher)

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