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Korg LP10 - one of the more sought after analogue electric pianos. Noted for it's smooth, warm analogue sounds. Here for the first time is a version of it for Kontakt 5(full version of Kontakt required). All the warm sounds of the LP10 are here, including it's lush chorus which has been recreated. New extras added such as attack, filters, reverbs, tape saturation controls. The extra features turn the LP10 into a synthesiser with lots of scope for sonic manipulation. Also has a convolution reverb which is really lush sounding. Presets included, including standard lp10 sounds. This is suitable for all electronica, including electro lounge, ambient, house, experimental. If you like music by the likes of Portished, Flying locusts, Massive Attack, Air, french lounge music etc then this is for you.
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