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Kontakt Atmospherics
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Kontakt Atmospherics

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Product Overview

A set of 5 Kontakt Instruments for creating soundscapes and atmospherics. Each Instrument has been programmed using custom made field recordings. The source material was professionally recorded by http://soundcloud.com/oscardeavila - A recording artist from Oveida in Spain.

Each recording has been carefully looped, cropped and effected to create an evolving soundscape that changes every time the keys are pressed. Hold a key down and hear the recording manipulated in semi-random fashion.

Each playback is different as the sample start points jump between places in the recorded material offering you the chance to create long evolving soundscapes in a matter of seconds.

  • Blind Panic This instrument was created from the sounds of a simple household blind being manipulated. The drag and scrape of the mechanism was captured effectively.
  • Peanut Tree This instrument was created from the sounds of peanuts being broken. You can hear the cracking and splitting of the shells. Overall, this has a very interesting texture.
  • Plug Challenge Washing dishes in the sink. Who would have thought it could lead to such an exciting sound? Again, Kontakt has been used to fully explore this sound and create a dynamic shifting soundscape.
  • Rain Machine The sound of rain being drained onto an outhouse roof and through the gutter. Can easily be used in various scenarios. Personally I use these kits for background ambience in my music.
  • Sink Drain Another recording of water draining in a sink.
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