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Knowledge Of The Hidden
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Leap Into The Void

Knowledge Of The Hidden

Suggestive, organic, dark, progressing elixir.

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Product Overview

Esoteric and occult Suggestive, organic, dark, progressing elixir.

Knowledge Of The Hidden is best described as an evolving candlemass of mysticism that brings forth sounds from the deepest depths of the underworlds of magnetic organic tempo-synced soundscapes, self generative chants of evil and otherworldly atmospheres morphable to complete distinction. Not to mention the mesmerizing amp feedback feature which with a perfectly suited filter type for the specific sound generates levels of unheard of sounds and has been thoroughly investigated and put to extensive use coloring this soundset.

Each chosen wavetable, modulation source/target, routing scheme, effects, feedback and filter type has been carefully valued and selected to try to reveal a playable coherent, dynamic, expressive and parametric soundset from the deep amounts of layers of this actual beast of a synth.

Every sound comes with a detailed description in the comments field and is tagged by type and mode for ease of access via Massives browser. All macro knobs have been logically mapped and are each a beholder of vast sound shaping and coloring possibilities.

64 sounds suited for anything uccult, death ambient, sound art, dark electronic, industrial, drum and bass, sound installations, drone music, noise, black metal, film or games composing. Infinite inspiration, knowledge of the hidden.

(Massive 1.3.1 required)

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