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Drunk Ensemble
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Scott F Thompson

Drunk Ensemble

44.1kz/16 bit choir patch for EXS24


Product Overview

This sounds like no other choir library out there.... And for good reason! The drunk ensemble will sing whatever MIDI you send at em with outstanding feel! A sample library first. We recorded an ensemble of drunks in full high quality 5.0 surround sound! (open exs24 multi out and click the + button on the mixer to adjust each set of mics channel strip). All the patches also open in stereo mode just fine. :)

There is full random round robin for the choir, staccato articulation at 125+ velocity and an incredibly realistic note off trigger that randomly fires a sfx burp, laugh, grunt in between every note and at the end of every phrase!

Patches include:

  • Drunk Ensemble (includes all samples and sfx)
  • Front mics only
  • Rear mics only
  • Center mic only
  • Choir only
  • SFX only

Have fun with this one!

EXS24 files also can open in Kontakt, Halion, MainStage, Structure free, Mach Five and Ableton, but keep in mind, that some of the exs features like round robin, note off, and surround aspects won't always translate as well.

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