DINO DRUMS | AS Metal Kit | for kontakt | Sampleism
DINO DRUMS | AS Metal Kit | for kontakt

DINO DRUMS | AS Metal Kit | for kontakt

Punchy kit for Rock and Metal.


Product Overview

- This kit is for people who want a simple way to get a polished metal drum sound immediately. - The samples are mixed and ready to be used in a production. - It's a great kit to use during songwriting when you want great sounding tracks fast! - It's also a very usable tool for mixing. You can simply blend these samples with your existing drum tracks for extra punch and clarity. ---------------------------------------------------- You can hear the kit in action in this clip: https://youtu.be/GypcmNkb51Y ---------------------------------------------------- Content: - Kick NKI (mixed) c1 - Snare NKI (mixed) d1 - Rack Tom NKI (mixed) g1 - Floor Tom NKI (mixed) f1
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