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'Premium OVO Collection' for NI Massive

100 presets. Intelligent Macros assigned on each.

Product Overview

The Premium OVO Collection contains 100 patches inspired by PartyNextDoor, ILoveMakonnen, Drake, Mike Zombie, Roy Woods, and more. This collection includes everything you need to start making serious OVO type beats - Cone shattering subs, ethereal and exotic pads, emotive plucked synths, beautiful bells/mallets, singing leads, unique sound FX and more. Tired of getting fooled by flashy marketers into buying products of subpar quality? These patches are the REAL DEAL, truly playable and with attention paid to detail. - Dynamic and expressive velocity settings. - Intelligent Macro Control assignments for increased expression and variation. - Please note that this set is in NMSV format only. Important Note: The set contains a mix of handpicked and tweaked selections from various Xenos Soundworks products, plus 27 brand new patches. Patch List BA Booty Warrior BA Classic Sub BA Detuned Sub 1 BA Detuned Sub 2 BA Growly Kick Sub BA Kick Sub 1 BA Kick Sub 2 BA Kick Sub 3 BA Quantum Sub BA Spacey Bandpass BA Wobble Sub BA Wooden Sub BL Dreamy Mallets BL Euphoric Mallets BL Log Marimba BL Metallophone BL Must Have Bells BL Pulsar Lights BL Straight Bells BL Temple Chimes BL Zen Dreams BR Sharp Synth Brass BR Slow Brass FX 420 Riser FX Arcade Riser FX Classic Noise LFO FX Computer Space FX Electro Bluntz FX Falling Squares FX Instant Headrush FX Old Vinyl FX Psilocopter HT Bass Hits HT Brassy Stabs HT Synth Orch Hits KB Cherry Flavored KB Lounge E Piano KB Play Chord Stabs KB Starlight KB Trippin' Organ KB Unprepared Piano LD Bent Saw LD Dirty Sweep LD Future Retro LD Gonzo LD Hydro Lead LD Mental Lof Fi LD Neo G Funk LD Noisy Lead LD Old Annie LD Rezzy Lead LD Soft Lead LD Square Lead LD Tension LD Xenos Signature PD Airy And Sweet PD Amiga Voices PD Ancient Ones PD Beauty PD Blue Star Raga PD Busy Nanobots PD Count Your Blessings PD Cryogenic Slumber PD Dark Alley PD Dark Psytronica PD Freedom Is Bliss PD Greed's Bounty PD Martian-Grown PD Melancholy Mood PD Neural Soup PD Painting The Stars PD Point Of Origin PD Quicksilver Flavor PD Retro Strings PD Scientific Singularity PD Silicates PD Soulspace PD Surreal Landscape PD Type 3 Civilization PD X22 Homestead PL Amiga Pizzi PL Beautifully Bent PL Bone Dry PL Chilled Keys PL Essential Polysynth PL FM Plucks PL Funky Tremolo PL Haiku PL Hydrocopter PL Keytar PL Makeshift Zither PL Minimalus Maximus PL OG Kush PL Perky 5ths PL Sines And Omens PL Soft Plucks PL Sunburst PL Synth Harp PL Synth Sitar


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in 'Premium OVO Collection' for NI Massive

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