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It's mostly for electronica stuff, I used it mainly for IDM/Glitch/Breakbeat stuff, there's also 3 folders of 808's that anyone into 808's shouldn't miss out on, a INSANE snare pack the smacks you in the face, some rough industrial kicks and more, I personally like the perc/creakle/FX folders. I've put this togheter over many years and used it for Trap, Hip Hop IDM, Downtempo, Ambient, Electronica and much more. But the mood of the sounds is absolutely leaning at darker/colder/aggressive zone. It's a very varied mix but I'm sure you will find something useful. Inspirations were drawn from IDM, Ambient, Glitch musicians like Koan Sounds, The Flashbulb, AFX and many more. ------------ CONTENT 178 MB unzipped 369 Files 29 Folders ------------ +---808 +---808's by ditnoise +---808isch +---Basslines +---Breakz ? +---Sexy Amen +---Creackle FX +---GDub Hits, Noisia-styla +---Impacts +---Kiks +---Koan Sound Snare Pack +---Percs +---Power One-Shots ? +---FX ? +---HiHats ? +---Kicks ? +---Snares +---Risers Downers +---Sub +---Taxman Hits 0
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