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Product Overview

A former Pro-Sounds release from back in the day, Pyromania contains 128 edgy and aggressive sounds fitting for many different styles of music ranging from techno to industrial to deep dubstep. Genre Categories: Tech & Minimal, Dubstep & Breaks, Drum & Bass, HipHop & RnB, Trance and Dance, Hardstyle, Electro & Breakbeat Patch List AR ABoyAndHisRobot AR ClassicDigital BA APointedQuestion BA BirdOfPrey BA BlueFuzz BA Shunned BA DnBRiser BA DnBRiser2 BA FakeItFunk BA FullSpectrum BA GlitchWheel BA Glowsticks BA GreenMonster BA GreyMist BA Hard303 BA HCMDarkstep BA HipHop1 BA HipHop2 BA Irritable BA JazzyChorus BA LatelyBassish BA ManInTheMachine BA NoiseyAttack BA Polyester BA PPG2007 BA PsyKosis1 BA PsyKosis2 BA PumpItUp BA SlapSaws BA SlideOctaves BA TechstepVocal BA Tekkstep BA UnstableFilters DN TarnishedSterling GA MutatedDrums KB ElCheapoKeys KB ElectroKeys KB FakeB KB HCMTonewheels KB HCMWurly KB OrganicCheese KB PsytranceOrgan KB TranceMutedClavi KB TwistedSteel KB WaveOrgan LD 2OscPulse LD ArpMe LD Arsonist LD BackIn77 LD BassOrLead LD BitingHCM LD BurundiSines LD CleanMeUpPlease LD CyberniticKhargyraa LD DirtyIce LD DX7Lead LD EarBiter LD EasternFlavor LD EchoFilters LD GetDirty LD GetToThePoint LD HCMHoover LD HCMGrit LD HiFi LD HighStrung LD Hypnos LD KickItUpANotch LD MentallyUnstable LD MoltenMetal LD NotSquares LD Nyquist LD PassTheHighsPlease LD PhatAndPhugly LD Phazzzer LD PolyPPGSparkle LD PolyPulse LD Pyromania LD Quackery LD ScorchedBrains LD SoftAttack LD TheBends LD VintagePhatty LD Vowel Lead 1 LD Vowel Lead 2 LD Vowel Lead 3 LD Wizardry PD BlackVelvet PD BrightEyes PD Bromine PD CalmSeas PD ControlledChaos PD Evolution PD India3000AD PD Lifeblood PD Oracle PD PainfulMemories PD PaleMists PD PolishedObsidian PD Pulsar PD RainAndRust PD SomethingIsNotRight PD SweetDreams PD SwirlsOfColor PD ThisCouldGetUgly PD TonewheelDreams PD VoxSynthetica PD WeDontBelongHere PD XanaxInducedDaze RY CouldNotResist RY GatedBass RY HeadphoneMix FX PhantasmSpotted FX TrancePerc SY Akkordion SY ArpFood-Analog SY ArpFood-Kidstuff SY ArpFood-VGM SY ArpFood-Voxy SY DancingHorns SY FlangedInsanity SY Hologram SY MeditationBells SY PolyTarnce SY PPGishBells SY RetroWavetable SY RetroWavetable2 SY SoakingWetKeys SY TrippyPizzicato


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in 'Pyromania' for Tone2 Firebird

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