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Janky Drink Mix Jug

A bizarre, strange custom built bowed instrument, made from an old drink mix jug


Product Overview

It may have started out as a joke, but some of the sounds coming out of this thing are strange and otherworldly to say the least. The "flutter harmonics" sound in itself was a pleasure to discover. There is absolutely no instrument on earth which sounds quite like this thing. Though that may be because there is nobody else strange enough or crazy enough to sit down an construct something out of an old plastic container --complete with a makeshift tuning peg and natural acoustic body. Here's the Soundcloud demo of most of the presets: https://soundcloud.com/halfightound/sets/janky-drink-mix-jug-demo-of-presets Summary of content: 607 MB of Sample Content (336 Samples, included as uncompressed WAV files in the "samples" folder) 28 Instrument Presets and 2 Multis for Kontakt 5, organized in the following folders: Cinematic Ethnic and Ambient Raw Samples Multis For the Kontakt presets, I used Jeremiah Pena's Photosynthesis engine. https://www.exoticstates.com/photosynthesis/engine/ PLEASE NOTE: The Full Version of Kontakt 5.6.0 (R46) is required to use the patches without limitation. However, the uncompressed wav files are accessible, so you do not need a full version of Kontakt to use the samples themselves.


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in Janky Drink Mix Jug

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