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Jailcell Slammer [Kontakt]

Impacts and Hits from Alcatraz Prison


Product Overview

Welcome to Alcatraz. The Slammer is a collection of ready-to-use one-hit impacts and effects created from recordings of the actual jail cell doors of Alcatraz prison. While our field recordist was taking a public tour of the famous San Francisco prison, a special presentation was given on the sound of the cell doors. A long set of cells was closed simultaneously by a single operator at the end of the row, filling the historic space with a thunderous metal punch.

These huge metallic impacts were the starting point, and we at the lab took those recordings and created a set of hits, ramps, and sub-booms that are sure to cause a riot. The simple user interface offers optional distortion and reverb (with a custom collection of 13 synthesized reverb impulses), and controls for velocity sensitivity of volume and/or filter.

The library includes a single patch with all the processed hits, ramps, and booms, as well as a collection of designed patches for out-of-the-box textures, tremors, and madness.

Individual impact types (Subs, Big Hits, Ramps) have their own patches, allowing those samples to be spread out along the keyboard for more pitch control.


  • Requires full retail Kontakt 4.2 or newer for use (will only run in demo mode in Kontakt Player
  • All samples are accessible as WAV files for further manipulation and editing if desired
  • Includes 13 custom synthesized reverb IRs.

**NOTE** These samples are not permitted to be used in isolation on trailers.


Customer Reviews

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Jailcell Slammer

It definitely has it's own character.

Ievgen Smoulsky

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