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NRS - Impulse Reverbism

Lexicon Reverb Impulse Responses

Product Overview

Let's step into the wonderful world of classic hardware reverbs. The Lexicon legends; the 960, the 480L, the PCM90 and so forth used in thousands of tracks across tens of thousands of albums, and a number of the world's greatest hits. Everyone knows what's special about them, and how good they sound.

We just love the natural beauty of the 'Lexicon 960', 'Lexicon 480L' and 'Lexicon PCM90'. However, instead of giving you our sampled Impulse Responses from those marvelous pieces of audio engineering, we decided to step up the game and combine them into one new device. All three of them were combined into one product, thanks to the use of FFT algorithms and complex audio processing aimed for precision and sound quality.

The final result is just astonishing, we named it 'Lexi'; a new hybrid with a natural and richer sound that keeps the warm tonal character of the classics. Our team also couldn't resist to the temptation to push our audio-processing scripts to the limits, so you not only get the great sounding regulars, but also a few of the modern (both brighter and way deeper) Impulse tones that those original devices couldn't produce. Now it's your turn to decide which way you use them. Will it be the remaster of a classic rock song or the new EDM club hit?

Details: 64 Impulse Responses 48khz / 24bit Wav Files Compatible with any Convolution-Reverb software


If you're unsure whether this is right for you, here's a short example of what's included in NRS - Impulse Reverbism

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