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Cinematic Piano Effects for Kontakt


Product Overview

Hybrichord is our first exploration into what we can really get out of a normal piano, and the initial results are fantastic.

Using various means of getting the instrument to vibrate, including wiring the instrument up, using magnets, electric current, etc, we managed to create some fantastic organic sounding sonic landscapes. The user interface has controls to allow you to shape and sculpt some of the sound to your liking for use in your music.

Of course, we have also included a variety of more well known experimental techniques, including picks, plucks, bows, hammers, drumming, screws in the strings etc.

This library contains over 4GB of excellent cinematic content, recorded at 96KHz, 24Bit.

Tech specs: Samples are 24 bit at 96000HZ wav files 4.3 GB of Content

The full version of Kontakt 4 or above is required to run this software. It will not run on the free version of Kontakt player.

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