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Looking for a fresh House sound? This pack contains heaps of professionally produced and ready mixed loops, multi-samples and hits. These sounds are all ready to use , no extra processing required except some sidechain compression!! Features: Kicks Drums Snares Basses Synth Multi-Samples Synth Loops Percussion Loops FX and more in this Sample Pack provided to you for use in creating your killer house tune!! * Various kicks/ perc samples as well as some snares and cymbals/hats in the "Drums" folder * Percussive Loops to drop right into your DAW ready for use!! *Professional FX and Synth fills to drop into your track for builds/breakdowns or whatever you like!! * Synth Loops are provided for you to use as you please - Melodys - riffs etc... All loops are synced at exactly 128bpm - all sounds EQ'd and compressed to mix together easily!! These sounds will cut through your mix 100% and provide you the tools to come up with a stomping House track!!
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