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HAZELNUTS SOUNDS 44,1 kHz / 16 Bit HAZELNUT is very particiular fruit, if we look like what kind of sounds can be made of it. Depending on the way we move it and depending with the type of source he comes in touch.

We were using varous stereo microphone recording types to get the best out when we recorded Hazelnuts. Our Hazelnuts sounds were recorded, while the were moving & falling down into the Wooden, Metal, Plastic Bowls.

We made hazelnuts sounds, while one hazelnut slides to another in our wrists. (Hazelnut on the Hazelnut). We were shaking the bowls (Wooden, Metal & Plastic) when the Hazelnuts were inside them. We made sounds so called '1 shot sounds', while the Hazelnuts were fallling into the bowls.

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