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Haunted Jukebox is NI Kontakt based automaton which generates abstract sound patterns. It is not quite a musical instrument, but rather something in between a drum machine, sequencer and sonic experiment. The machine automatically creates eight layers of groove patterns based on input token. User can manipulate binary representation of the token, a matrix of 25 pad switches, where each combination creates different sequencer program. Besides eight note sequencers, the machine can run a number of step sequenced modulators (LFO which can be programmed to reach given step value every half cycle), as the sequences can run at different speeds and different intervals, the result may be quite complex. All sequencers are synchronized with host's tempo. It is randomness exploration machine and as such it's not easy to describe with words. Scroll down for video overview and/or try free preview version. Preview version runs on the same script engine, but is has entirely different (smaller) sample set and it doesn't provide access to setup panels. Haunted Jukebox needs full version of Kontakt 4.24 or newer to work and it may be quite CPU intensive. PLEASE NOTE: The script relies on transport synchronization with host. It might happen, it won't initialize properly in certain hosts, at least until you start playback. In short, it may or may not work for you, please try free preview version first. This instrument is bundled with a bonus, unlocked versions of Cracklebot, free vinyl noise making machine based on the same script. These special versions give you access to configuration panels, so you can experiment with machine settings, or use it as a shell for different sample sets. You can read about Cracklebot (and get free version) here:
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